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Eco-friendly Texas Solar Panels

There is no argument from anyone that solar energy is some of the greenest energy on Earth. It does not have to be manufactured, only captured. As such, there are no harmful by-products for the environment. It is also completely renewable and it is entirely possible to harness extra power to store as a backup supply for when the panels can’t charge due to cloud coverage. Indeed, with the complete and total benefits of Texas solar panels, it is difficult to fathom why this energy is not being used more. The reasons usually boil down to affordability and practicality.

To address the issue of the cost of Texas solar panels, there is some very good news. There are tax credits that homeowners can claim that will offset up to 30% of the total cost of installation. The $2,000 cap is no longer in place, so you can go as big as you like and still get the full credit, even if it exceeds $2,000. You may also be able to qualify for a home improvement loan to pay for the installation, so you can make manageable payments over time.

It is a requirement that all electricity service providers must offer net metering. What this means is that if your home is generating power, your meter actually runs backwards. You may or may not qualify for a credit at the end of the month depending on the terms of service with your company, but you will save for every kilowatt hour you produce up to the total amount used.


Federal Government Solar Programs Offer Better Energy Solutions to Homeowners

How would you like to cut your monthly energy bill down to, say, $40? That certainly sounds good. What would you think about receiving a bill that says, “TOTAL DUE: $0.00?” Better still, huh? Now, how about getting a statement every month from the power company that says they owe you money? Now we’re talking! Well, any one of these scenarios are possible when you install a solar panel system in your home. Yes, it is expensive, but there is good news: the federal government is going to help you do it.

The Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency

From now until the end of the year 2016, the federal government is going to give any homeowner installing a solar power system on their primary residence a whopping 30% tax credit on the equipment and installation. There is no upper limit on the credit, so you can go a little bigger than you may have originally thought for the same amount. Of course, you’ll have to finance the project up front; you’ll receive the credit on the next years refund if you are due a refund, or it may be applied to your tax debt if you owe money.

With the earth’s supply of natural resources rapidly depleting, it has never been more important than now to find alternative sources of energy. The government believes that so much that it is willing to help you do it. Perhaps you should take advantage of it.

The Future of Texas Electricity: Smart Meters

Texas electricity smart meters are taking the state by storm and pretty soon they will be in the homes of nearly every citizen in Texas. When you think about the benefits of a smart meter, it’s easy to understand why they are becoming the new industry standard for electricity service. The days of centuries old technology are soon to be behind us with the digital age of electricity poised to take over. Here are a few reasons why Texas electricity smart meters are becoming so popular, and how they can help you with your power management.

First of all, smart meters allow for faster customer service. They can be accessed remotely where the power company can communicate with your meter without having to send out a technician. This means that if you do have trouble with your service, you very well may save yourself the cost of having someone dispatched, if the trouble can be resolved remotely. It also means that your energy consumption will be read digitally and remotely, eliminating the need for a meter reader to come out to your home every month.

Secondly, having a Texas electricity smart meter gives you a clearer picture as to how you are consuming electricity. Information about your power usage is updated about every 15 minutes and you’ll have internet access to this information. If you are wondering if your old dishwasher is sucking up too much energy, you can take note of what you’re being charged while it’s running. Neat, right?

Pole Mounting Texas Solar Panel Installation

Using the pole mounting system for your Texas solar panel installation may offer the most flexibility with regard to your system design. Some people may landscape their property specifically to have trees and shrubs shade their home from solar gain. While that may work wonders for energy efficiency, it doesn’t make for a very friendly Texas solar panel installation environment. Enter the pole mounting method.

Pole Mounting for Practically any Location

Whether you have deliberately planted trees around your home as stated above or simply live in a wooded area and do not wish to disturb the scenery, the pole mounting Texas solar panel installation offers a valuable solution. Simply choose a location in close proximity to your home that has a clear view of the Southern sky. Solar panels may be mounted either on the top of the pole or on the side. You may incur a little more expense running the appropriate accessories to your home to utilize the stored power, but many people find this to be insignificant if it means they can put their panels where they want them.

Consider a Professional Texas Solar Panel Installation

As with all Texas solar panel installations, a pole mounted installation is complicated at best. If you are particularly technologically inclined you may be able to handle things yourself, but the safest protection for your investment comes with a trained professional installation. Consider how expensive the system itself is, it only makes sense to take all the available precautions toward getting the most out of it.

Tilt Mounting Texas Solar Panel Installation

As with any Texas solar panel installation, the first order of business will be to determine the size your system needs to be. The answer to that will depend entirely on what your goals are and what type of budget you have to work with. There are government programs in place to assist with the cost of a Texas solar panel installation, so be sure to look into those. Once you know how big, you’ll next need to determine what method of installation should be used.

Professional Tilt Mounting Texas Solar Panel Installations

Solar panel system technicians go through a rigorous training course learning all the ins and outs of the solar panel installation process. That would not be the case if this were something just anyone could do. If you want to get the most efficient installation possible, go ahead and spend the money on a professional. He or she can decide whether the tilt mounting method is needed for your home.

Generally speaking, the tilt mounting Texas solar installation method is best suited for flat surfaces. For example, if your roof has little to no slope, your panels will charge more efficiently by having them tilted to a degree. If you want to install your panels on the ground, they will need to be tilted both to absorb the most energy possible and avoid damage that could occur from being stepped on. The most important thing is to make sure your Texas solar panels are installed with direct sunlight for several hours per day.

Centerpoint Solar Program

As solar energy incentives go, Centerpoint does not currently have any programs in place for assistance. However, there are several programs available that seek to help low income families improve the energy efficiency of their home. Since operating your home at maximum efficiency is the first step in the process of installing solar panels, Centerpoint plays a very crucial role in the effort to make Texas a green state.

Centerpoint Low Income Energy Efficiency Programs

  • The Residential Advanced Lighting Program is available to upgrade your home’s lighting system to one that is more highly efficient.
  • The Energy Star New Homes Program provides incentives to homeowners who are building their homes to meet and exceed Energy Star standards.
  • The Hard To Reach Standard Offer Program will provide low cost energy efficiency home improvements to families at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.
  • The Rebuilding Houston Together Program targets low income housing to improve their efficiency and raise awareness of the importance of conservation.

The First Step Toward a Brighter Future

Many of these programs may be able to be combined with the federal tax credit for energy efficiency provided that the improvements are completed prior to December 31, 2010. For low income families especially, the increased savings on the power bill that result from a more energy efficient home can help to save for the ultimate installation of a solar panel system. We must all crawl before we walk; isn’t it time you made the first step?