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Texas Solar Panels

In Texas you have a few different solar panel choices. Some of the newer technologies are nano solar and thin film. Photovoltaic solar panels have been around awhile but many times because they are less expensive are your best choice. Depending on the strategy it may be better to go with an older technology like photovoltaic because they are more efficient than thin film. If you have a metal roof than thin film makes more sense because of the ease of installation. Taking into consideration overall cost and the time it will take to pay back capital investment are things we help our customers understand before purchasing their solar panels. We will also give you information and help you fill out forms to receive government tax credits and incentives for your renewable energy retrofits.

Solar Strategies

One of the primary costs of a solar system are the expensive deep cycle batteries that need to be purchased. You can eliminate this simply by using the transformer that you see on your electric pole. By having us set up a co-generation setup by partnering with Oncor or Centerpoint utilities you can sell back your excess energy created through solar power panels. This allows for your electric meter to roll backwards as you send more power back on to the grid. By adding blow in insulation, radiant barrier, and solar powered motor driven attic roof wind turbines we can put together a winning solar setup with minimal capital investment.
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