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The Future of Texas Electricity: Smart Meters

July 6, 2011

Texas electricity smart meters are taking the state by storm and pretty soon they will be in the homes of nearly every citizen in Texas. When you think about the benefits of a smart meter, it’s easy to understand why they are becoming the new industry standard for electricity service. The days of centuries old technology are soon to be behind us with the digital age of electricity poised to take over. Here are a few reasons why Texas electricity smart meters are becoming so popular, and how they can help you with your power management.

First of all, smart meters allow for faster customer service. They can be accessed remotely where the power company can communicate with your meter without having to send out a technician. This means that if you do have trouble with your service, you very well may save yourself the cost of having someone dispatched, if the trouble can be resolved remotely. It also means that your energy consumption will be read digitally and remotely, eliminating the need for a meter reader to come out to your home every month.

Secondly, having a Texas electricity smart meter gives you a clearer picture as to how you are consuming electricity. Information about your power usage is updated about every 15 minutes and you’ll have internet access to this information. If you are wondering if your old dishwasher is sucking up too much energy, you can take note of what you’re being charged while it’s running. Neat, right?


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