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The Battery Back-Up System for Texas Solar Panels

July 6, 2011

Aside from the grid-tie Texas solar panel system and the stand alone battery pack, there is one other option for Texans wishing to utilize solar energy. It is called the battery back-up system. This system is a hybrid arrangement that allows homeowners to have energy on reserve in the event of a power outage. The battery back-up system won’t save you a whole lot in the way of your energy bill, but it is useful to have in emergencies.

When you use a battery back-up system with your Texas solar panels, you get to control what energy goes where and when. So if there is a major power outage due to inclement weather, you have a way to keep your most vital appliances running. For example, say you have a deep freezer packed with frozen perishables and the power goes out. Now, the freezer may keep the food cold for a time since it’s all basically ice anyway, but what if the power outage lasts for several days? Once the food is thawed it must be used or thrown out.

With your battery back-up system, you can tell your system to supply power to your freezer if the power goes out. You may also was to keep your fridge running and a few carefully selected lights. You might choose to direct power to one power outlet so that you can change out the things you need to use. You will have to be conservative so it doesn’t run out, but it can get you through the outage fairly comfortably.


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