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Smart Meters for Texas Electricity Service

July 6, 2011

Recent legislation has led to a statewide effort in Texas to install and implement the use of smart meters in more than 2 million residences and business before the end of 2010. But what is a smart meter and why is it significant to Texas residents? Smart meters, also referred to as advanced metering systems, are an innovative metering systems that allow consumers and Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) alike to keep a running tab on the amount of energy consumed and when it was consumed.

This advance in Texas electricity service technology will help to lower costs for companies and consumers alike and help to create a more efficient and streamlined approach to customer service. Since customers will have access to the specific statistics of their energy consumption, they will be able to manage their usage more effectively. Consumers can analyze how they are using their electricity, when they seem to use the most electricity, and monitor energy saving efforts to see what helps and what does not.

On the provider side of Texas electricity smart meters, REPs will have a remote connection to each of their customers with the ability to communicate with the meter for diagnostic, connection, or disconnection purposes. Rather than having to dispatch a technician to analyze an interruption in service, the provider can send a message to the meter from their office and receive back useful information about what the problem is and, in many cases, resolve said problem. It truly is exciting technology.


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