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Pole Mounting Texas Solar Panel Installation

July 6, 2011

Using the pole mounting system for your Texas solar panel installation may offer the most flexibility with regard to your system design. Some people may landscape their property specifically to have trees and shrubs shade their home from solar gain. While that may work wonders for energy efficiency, it doesn’t make for a very friendly Texas solar panel installation environment. Enter the pole mounting method.

Pole Mounting for Practically any Location

Whether you have deliberately planted trees around your home as stated above or simply live in a wooded area and do not wish to disturb the scenery, the pole mounting Texas solar panel installation offers a valuable solution. Simply choose a location in close proximity to your home that has a clear view of the Southern sky. Solar panels may be mounted either on the top of the pole or on the side. You may incur a little more expense running the appropriate accessories to your home to utilize the stored power, but many people find this to be insignificant if it means they can put their panels where they want them.

Consider a Professional Texas Solar Panel Installation

As with all Texas solar panel installations, a pole mounted installation is complicated at best. If you are particularly technologically inclined you may be able to handle things yourself, but the safest protection for your investment comes with a trained professional installation. Consider how expensive the system itself is, it only makes sense to take all the available precautions toward getting the most out of it.


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