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Let Uncle Sam Give You a Hand with Your Texas Solar Energy Project

July 6, 2011

You work hard. You pay your taxes on your earnings and then you turn around and pay taxes on practically everything you buy. Isn’t it time the government gave you a little something in return? Well, right now there is an exciting government solar program in place that is designed to do just that. And we’re not talking chump change either—there is practically no limit to the amount of money you can get. Would you like to hear more? We thought you would!

The Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency Program

There are actually several sections to the Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency Program ranging from purchasing energy efficient appliances to installing new window and doors. However, we are going to focus on the Solar Energy section of the program. With the government solar energy program, you can get 30% back on any solar installation you make on your home. Since solar energy installations are fairly expensive to begin with, you could be looking at one heck of a refund check!

There is no cap to this particular credit, so feel free to go as big as your budget will allow. There are a few catches, however. First, your home must be your primary residence—no way around that. Second, you will probably have to have the panels professionally installed. Although installation is expensive, it guarantees your credit. Besides, this is a project that you will really need a professional working on anyway.


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