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Learning to Install Your Own Texas Solar Panel System

July 6, 2011

Since up to 30% of a Texas solar panel installation is made up from installation fees, it is no small wonder why some homeowners feel obligated to do it themselves. Indeed, if you save 30% on installation fees and receive a 30% tax credit, you only end up paying 40% of the total original price. If only it were that simple. The fact is that Texas solar panel installations are quite the complicated ordeal and not just anyone will be able to do it. Here are a few things to consider before attempting your own installation:

  • Are you already certified, or willing to become certified, in home Texas solar panel installations?
  • Do you have the necessary tools to complete the job? If not, do you have access to them?
  • Have you sat down with pencil and paper to draw out your system design? Do you know the best design for maximum efficiency?
  • Will you be able to dedicate the required amount of time to the project? Are you willing to call in the professionals if things get out of hand?
  • Will a self installation negate any chances of receiving incentive plans? What requirements must be met to ensure the 30% federal tax credit?

If you are confident that you have done everything you can to learn what is involved with a Texas solar panel installation then go for it. Just don’t be too stubborn to call for back up if you need it!


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