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How Texas Electricity Smart Meters Can Save You Money

July 6, 2011

As a Texan, if you don’t already have a Texas electricity smart meter for your home, then chances are you’ve been hearing about them. So what is it about smart meters that makes them so all fired important? And just how exactly does one go about digitizing electricity? Furthermore, how can some new gadget possibly save you money? It seems like new electronic devices are always fairly expensive. Well, sit back for a spell and all will be revealed.

Texas electricity smart meters are important because they are the building blocks for the future of electricity service that is both more efficient and also lower cost. No one is technically digitizing the electricity itself; that would be quite impossible. What is digital is the communication between the meter, the consumer, and the utility. As far as saving you money, you may not have to pay out of pocket at all for a smart meter to be installed at your home. Whether or not you have to pay for the meter itself is, for now, up to your provider. However, no fees are to be charged for you to review your data and you don’t have to get permission to see it either.

Why would you want to see it? Well, that’s really where the money saving comes in. Viewing the data from your Texas electricity smart meter will show you exactly what you are spending on your service so you can figure out what is costing you more and take steps to remedy it, thereby getting a lower overall bill.


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